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LIFE Groups

Hopefully you have heard about our LIFE groups that are meeting throughout the week in various homes in SE Portland. The first group started in early October of last year.

You might be wondering what these groups are all about [keep reading]. LIFE groups are about Christ-followers taking seriously our calling to become disciples of Jesus. Our Lord said “Come follow Me” so these groups are intentionally designed to help us walk the Jesus life together, and to take seriously our mandate to “go into the whole world.” Generally these groups meet weekly in homes in order to live life side-by-side and together look into our Lord’s life (in the Gospel accounts specifically) to help each other as we follow Jesus, and be transformed into His image. This includes worshiping God, following Jesus and being led by the Holy Spirit. It means deepening our understanding of who God is, who we are as disciples of Jesus, and learning what it means to obey and follow the Spirit.

For more information, please call the church office.

Easter Sunday

The last Sunday of March is Easter, and in preparation for that celebration we have been studying the Seven Last Sayings of Christ from the cross. I hope this examination of our Lord’s dying words has instructed us more on what Jesus came to do, has reminded us of the promises that are ours through faith in Him, and has encouraged us concerning the power we have in Him as we live the resurrection life. All of this is in preparation to celebrate His resurrection by being reminded of the best words ever spoken: Do not be afraid! He is risen! Go and tell His disciples!

Life is scary. We have to face many difficulties such as betrayal, disappointments, fear. But we have a message of comfort, Do not be afraid! We are not alone. God is with us.

Life is dangerous. We are beset with frail bodies prone to disease, illness and accidents. But we have hope. He is risen! Jesus has victory over the grave, He has de-feated death itself. And because He lives, by faith in Him we can face both today and an uncertain tomorrow.

Life is uncertain. We often have doubts. We want to believe, but sometimes it is hard. Sometimes our faith is met with opposition and persecution, but we are not abandoned. The good news of the Gospel has come to us. Go and tell His disciples! We are filled with His Spirit. We are joined together as His Church. We are the Body of Christ.

This is what it means to be a people of Resurrection! We have heard, we have believed, and we are sent out with The Best Words Ever Spoken! Let us live in the resurrection power of new life in Christ!

Shalom, Denis [Jeremiah 29:7]

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