Denis’ Desktop June

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Sunday is Father’s Day, and we will be having a special gift for all of the adult men in attendance – hope to see you there!


Sunday we will conduct our annual election during worship. Though we are only voting on two Elders, a Trustee, and a representative for the Endowment Fund, it is still important for each member to participate in the selection of the congregation’s leadership.


This Sunday is also our time to promote our students into their new classes, and to honor those who are graduating from high school or higher. This year we only know of two, Kim Snyder who be attending Northwest Christian University in the fall, and Matt Keeling who finished his Masters program at Cincinnati Bible Seminary. Many of our youth will be participating in the worship service, and Nic Olin will be preaching. I am really looking forward to this special presentation of our student program.


Finally I would remind you of the baptism we had on Sunday to again share my conviction that if the Lord uses you to bring another person to faith in Christ, then you should be the one in the baptistery with them. There is no greater joy than being part of this spiritual birth event, and I hope to see many more of you being used by God in this process.


Shalom, Denis

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